STEM Shorts: Fast Track Your Leadership

Mind Blowing Methods on Leading, Inspiring, and Success with Others

What makes a leader an influential person? Why do we find certain people more credible than others? How are we pulled to certain people, and turned away from others? And importantly, how do we have the influence that we want to have upon other people?

So, you’re excited to have landed your dream interview!

Being a leader is about more than just being someone who is listened to. Anyone can make anyone listen to them – by speaking louder, being officially in a position of authority, or by forcing others to listen to them. True influence, however, refers to being someone that others voluntarily want to listen to, trust, and believe in.

What makes a person a good leader? What makes a person an influential leader? How can you develop those skills yourself, and how can you use them to your advantage to become someone that others love speaking to and believe in? Being a leader is one thing, but influencing others to do what you believe is best, or to get them to trust what you are saying, requires you to be credible.

Throughout this book, you will not only learn what influence truly means, but you will learn how to become the influential person you have always wanted to be. You will establish credibility, learn how to bring people in, anchor yourself on your knowledge, and build trust and reliability.

Are you ready to become the best leader you’ve ever met?