STEM Secrets Series

STEM Shorts :
Interview with an Engineer

Want to learn about engineering roles, essential skills, or engineering? Still trying to figure out what questions to ask about.  Then you need to keep reading…

Whether you are about to decide on a potential career in engineering or are already in engineering and thinking about what’s next.

Becoming an engineer isn’t an easy journey, but it is much easier than you think once you understand the various roles and skills.

There are common misperceptions in engineering after college in various roles.  Understanding what it is like can save you from taking a position that will make you unhappy.

For the sake of time, I won’t go into more details but instead keep you from wasting your precious time on research for engineering roles and skills.

Luckily, based on common questions found on the internet, you will learn the latest news in the field of engineering from a Professional Engineer that has worked in the trenches.

In STEM Shorts: Interview with an Engineer, you’ll discover:

Engineering can seem overwhelming, and when looking for a new career, you will ask yourself, do I have the right essential skills? How do I get those skills or is this role right for you.

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