Jeffrey Harvey
Jeffrey Harvey​
Author of STEM Secrets series with. 30+ years engineer. Helps STEM professionals with unique insights. STEM is booming. Join the success.
STEM Secrets Series



Jeffrey Harvey, a seasoned author and professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in STEM fields, possesses unique expertise that makes him a sought-after resource for young STEM professionals. As the demand for STEM professionals continues to rise, Jeffrey is dedicated to guiding the next generation toward success.

A father of three boys, all pursuing STEM-related fields, Jeffrey understands firsthand the challenges faced by emerging professionals. Originally from Wyoming and now residing in Oklahoma with his wife, two step-children, and their Basenji dog, Jeffrey brings a diverse perspective to his work as an author and engineer.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jeffrey enjoys outdoor activities, writing books, remodeling, reading, traveling, and immersing himself in different cultures. His extensive leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, including roles such as Engineering Director and Engineering Manager, equips him with the skills needed to assist professionals in achieving their dreams in the STEM field.

In summary, Jeffrey Harvey’s wealth of experience and expertise as both an author and professional engineer make him a valuable asset for individuals seeking guidance in their STEM careers.